The klean oath

Klean Athlete // Activation Campaign

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The goal was to create a community of like-minded athletes. Athletes who shared a commitment to healthy competition and healthy living, and were prepared to make a proud, public declaration of being a "Klean Athlete."  Chemistry penned "the oath," and invited runners, cyclists and triathletes to take it. Thousands did, and when they did their name and sport were immediately uploaded to our "Klean Oath" microsite. Athletes were also encouraged to upload their picture and tell us what makes them a "klean athlete." An iPad app with the oath preloaded allowed us to interact with athletes pre- and post-event, use the camera to video them as they recited the oath, and create relevant, real-time content throughout the year.

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To promote the Oath and drive participation, Chemistry wrote, shot and edited a series of videos featuring athletes reciting the oath. The videos were used on the klean athlete website, various social platforms, and broadcast on monitors during pre-event expos.

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