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When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, it stated that Americans must have health insurance or face a tax penalty. That meant health care and taxes were connected. It also meant people had questions. Lots of questions. So H&R Block set out to do what they do best - make it all very easy for everyone to understand. They called it Helpth (short for "help getting health insurance".) We called it an exciting challenge. One that started by creating a voice for Helpth that acknowledged the confusion that people felt. We spoke to people in a disarming, down-to-earth manner that broke down the barriers of confusion. Then we developed a website, informative videos, and other materials with that voice to help everyone understand their health insurance options and the tax implications of them. It was H&R Block's first venture into the world of health care, and one that we were happy to helpth with.

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Sometimes the best way to talk about a complicated subject is with simple videos. Chemistry created several web videos for the Helpth campaign as a way to educate people about the new healthcare law, and also to position H&R Block as extremely qualified to help. The agency wrote the scripts, casted the voice-over, selected the music and created all the graphic animations. And we did it twice: Once in english, and once in spanish.

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