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There are pop-up campers. And then there is Aliner. While the actual design of the camper is truly unique, the brand felt old and anything but exciting due in large part to a dated logo and sales materials. Chemistry responded with a new logo design and tagline, along with a trade show materials, sales sheets and full color brochure. In addition, the agency built a new website that told the brand story and also allowed for in-depth exploration of the innovative design and quality construction that makes Aliner the sensible choice. 


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In an effort to help Aliner build its distribution network, Chemistry created a web-enabled ipad app that allowed the sales team to show leads by region to prospective dealers. Prospects could zoom into an area to see how many people inquired about a camper within a certain radius of their location. In addition, the app could display a sales deck, spec sheets about specific models and company video. 

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